Welcome to Mass Dental Group

Experience the kind of dentistry only we can provide.

We welcome you to our new state of the art dental office located in a beautiful brownstone on East 62nd Street on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. A place where you can expect a truly unique experience.

For many years we have been providing the finest and most beautiful dentistry to the worlds most discriminating people. It is safe to say that after 30 years we know how to deliver. The recent forming of the Mass Dental Group comes at an exciting time in dentistry, where technology and treatment options are enhancing the patient experience.

At the Mass Dental Group, we thoroughly evaluate and diagnose each case individually with long-term solutions in mind. A lot of time is spent planning and designing all treatment options. To achieve the most esthetic and long lasting result we work together with our master ceramist in our in-house modern dental lab. We then perform, with exact precision, the procedures that produce brilliant smiles.

Keeping those smiles healthy is one of our highest priorities. Our certified dental hygienists are dedicated to maintaining your dental health by developing and setting up a hygiene program that is right for you.

Our comprehensive approach to dental health and beauty for our patients is what makes us unique.

The Mass Dental Group has been the exclusive destination of people who want exceptional dental care for over 30 years. Now in our new,” state of the art facility”, we will be able to provide even more exceptional dentistry long into the future.